Devonleigh Homes foray into Beeton nears first house construction

Posted March 25, 2015

The planned 102 unit Parsons Glen residential development in Beeton has reached subdivision agreement and cleared to apply for 72 building permits initially, with the remaining houses let pending further infrastructure upgrades involving Dayfoot Street - both above and below grade.

Rayville Developments, which is Devonleigh Homes' moniker for its Beeton subdivision, estimates its site construction costs to be about $3.7 million, the bulk of which, $1.25 million is for storm and sanitary sewers.

Parsons Glen will cover about 6.1 hectares at Dayfoot Street, and south of Lilly. However, it's a condition that no new homes can be constructed along Dayfoot Street frontage until the sanitary sewer is upsized and the road itself is reconstructed to urban standards.

External (off-site) works are required by all three developments including West Country, located immediately west of Parsons Glen, and Beeton South (Sorbara).

"Engineering Staff held a meeting with the Developers from the West Country Subdivision, Parsons Glen Subdivision and the Beeton South Subdivision, late in 2014, to discuss the Dayfoot Street Reconstruction and the possibility of front ending the work," according to the Town staff planning report to council attached to the subdivision agreement. "The three Developers did not wish to front end the work this year; as a result, the Sorbara Group from the Beeton South Subdivision will take the lead and start discussions with Town Staff this year to reach an agreement for front-ending the work so that the Dayfoot Street Reconstruction can proceed to support the development of the Beeton South Subdivision. As part of the 2015 Capital Budget, only the utility relocates and land acquisitions are proposed for this year and the remaining works will be deferred to a future year."

Parsons Glen is also the first development with a cautionary note in the draft of the agreement that warns the payable schedule for development charges could change pending a political decision. In this instance, DCs for water, sanitary, and roads are $2,735,946.

"The Agreement acknowledges that the current policy of the Municipality is to collect the required Development Charges for all services (hard and soft services) at the time of the issuance of a building permit for each Lot at the established rate at that time. The Agreement further identifies that this policy is currently under review by Council in relation to the payment of hard services (water, sanitary and transportation component of the Development Charge By-Law), and that the Town may require payment of the hard services at the time of execution of the Subdivision Agreement. The Agreement is structured such that the Developer is bound by the policy, or any revised policy adopted by Council, on the date that the new requirements are passed by Council."